Pitch, Roll and Yaw going to love this one

First an explanation of what these things are if my amazing plane pic isn't explaining it well enough.....

Pitch - Moving the body forwards and backwards (nodding the head and lowest part of the spine at the same time).

Roll - moving the body sideways (turning your head from side to side).

Yaw - moving the body diagonally/ back to front (opposite shoulder to hip movement).

If you spend most of your time working at a desk or driving a car then you will have a posture that will automatically adapt for these activities. These types of postures help provide insight into the causes of any injuries/illnesses.

Maybe you clench your jaw when you're in the throws of road rage?

Or..... frown when when you can't catch that pokemon?

Perhaps....... you cross your legs when you really need to pee?

Think about how many hours of the day that you do these sorts of things and you don't even realise it. How much strain are you placing on your body as it adapts to these postural habits? It has been found that certain postural distortional body positions have been linked to a variety of structural problems. The body has many feedback proprioceptive reflexes so it can communicate with each part effectively as it moves. Information from the feet, pelvis, head, upper neck, eyes and ears is correlated before the body is able to function in a coordinated manner, particularly for correct reciprocal balance of the dural system (a strong sleeve housed in the cranium, through the spinal columns vertebrae, to the sacrum at the bottom of the spine). This allows us to move in many integrated ways, using the spines flexibility, and the stability and freedom that our four ball and socket joints at the hips and shoulders gives us. The dural system not only connects up all these areas but it also reflects any distortions in the spine/body, e.g. if the shoulders are out of alignment this is reflected in the soft tissue surrounding the area.

Using Amatsu we should be able to (emphasis on should as i'm still learning this....) build a picture of a persons postural pulls through muscle and orthopaedic testing. Therefore showing us which fulcrums are vulnerable and which fixed points of the structure are showing weakness.

So if our basic movements of pitch, roll and yaw are not working properly we lose some efficiency in our spatial awareness, leading to some loss in our ability to stand or walk correctly as we have a reduced sense of where our body is in space. This must lead to a distortion in our structural posture causing even more problems with body systems and structures. Does this not make you wonder how we're even able to do anything.... ?!

If it's not been clear (I get excited and babble) I'm focusing on the importance of how our most basic movements present when we're born (pitch, roll and yaw), if not working properly, can cause problems almost anywhere in the body. Remembering that we are essentially one completely interconnected being.

To great health and much love,


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